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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Eco gadget 1

Firstly, welcome to Marlene Bezuidenhout from the Eastern Cape.  Thanks for hitting the followers button, Marlene :)


Last week Natasha & Wayne gave me an early birthday present.  Well, they didn't mean to give it to me early, but RMan, unknowingly, let the cat out of the bag, so they figured why wait?
Dust - the bane of my life.  And something which
RMan can resist running his fingers over, thereby
emphazising it even more... <sigh>
I had been complaining about sweeping the floor here.  Due to the fine clay, which sneaks in any opening when the wind blows, or is schlepped into the house on the bottom of our shoes or on dog paws, everytime I take a broom to the floor all our furniture gains a fine sheen.  Dusting that off only causes it to be relocated, with most of it landing back exactly where it was before.


Last week Natasha & Wayne had to pop through to Somerset West to collect some cladding for their cabin.  Whilst they were there, they popped into Game Stores.

And bought me this :)
The Bissel  vacuum cleaner
It is a Bissel vacuum cleaner.
Starting from the left these are all the
attachments - the floor brush, the h
the motor section and the crevice g
It breaks down into a handheld dustbuster, with an attachment which allows me to clean in all the crevices on our lounge suite, one which, with the addition of a handle, acts as a floor brush, and the floor brush and motor section are usable without the long handle too :)

But, the best part is that it only consumes...
... 140 watts of power.  So it is perfect for using with our current solar power system.

I can assure you that it works more than adequately, even vacuuming the dust mites and skin cells off our mattress beautifully (RMan was grossed out again when I showed him the contents after the clean).

A perfect example of less is more LOL

As much as I love my 2500watt Rainbow vacuum cleaner, using it means that we have to start up the generator.  With the Bissel, I merely have to plug it into an electrical socket, and away I go :)

I'm a happy little puppy...


Sue said...

Oh, this would be handy. I live on a gravel road and we don't get rain in June/July/August, which of course is when I need the windows open...so this might be just the ticket for quick clean-ups.

JaneofVirginia said...

I love the Rainbow vacuum cleaners. They are quite expensive. I have a few, including a shop vac in the workshop which would suck a cat up if need be. LOL My favorite vacuum of all time is no longer made. It's called the VAX and it has a whole Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vax_%28vacuum%29
BTW, I love your rug !

Dani said...

Sue - very handy indeed :)

Yeah, we haven't had or normal winter rain here either - yet... :)

Anonymous said...

I've been avoiding the vacuum cleaner to save electricity - we don't have solar, but want to reduce our consumption as much as possible. But a broom just doesn't seem to do a good enough job - it seems like everything just gets moved around, especially all the dog hair. I'm sure I don't end up with as much in the dustpan as there was on the floor - where did the rest go? I suspect that my lack of success with sweeping might have something to do with the lack of frequency though

tffnguy said...

I think the adobe dust, sand and tracked in small stones here would do one of those in, but I do like the watts used. I wonder how much they cost? Might be worth a try.

Harry Flashman said...

That looks like a nice piece of gear. I don't have a vacuum cleaner, because we have wood floors. I do have a "Swifter" wet mob. It has a little tank of floor cleaner on it, and disposable pads. It runs off a couple of D cell batteries.

Mostly I just sweep up with a broom, but I use the wet mop about once a week. Here we have red clay that can get tracked in and the mop takes it up.

kymber said...

oh Dani - dust is one thing - how about three cats shedding all throughout the year - arghghghghgh! it makes me contemplate suicide!!! so i do my daily sweep/mop but by noon - the floor is full again. so i just let it be.

i am glad that you got your little nifty gadget. but oh - the cat hair is near killing me.

now is the time to wave my arms making dolphin motions and think like the dolphin.

your friend,

Quinn said...

What, no one is going to mention pollen? My dust is usually yellow in tone. A lovely complement to Piper's dark grey hair ;)
I have an ancient, heavy vac which is no fun to use, so most of the time I rely on a rubber broom and a misting spray bottle of water with a few drops of essential oil added. Much better than sweeping with a regular broom, and much easier than hauling out the old vac.

Dani said...

Jane - I adore my Rainbow, but it's such a hassle starting the genny and wasting the fuel - this is so convenient LOL

Thanks - I love the rug too LOL

Dani said...

APA - Oh, DON'T talk to me about dog hair, especially when we had all four here!!!

Yeah, have to admit, that even with the Bissel, the floor don't stay any cleaner for longer... LOL

Dani said...

tffnguy - Yup, got the small stones too...!

The machine is made in the Grand Rapids in Michigan, so you'd probably get it a lot cheaper than we do, as you'd be saving the overseas transport cost. Have no idea of the cost, as it was a gift ;)

Dani said...

Harry - We also have red clay, and trying to "wipe" the floor with tht dust, merely causes it to become a clay smear. Even after sweeping...

Dani said...

kymber - We had 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 guinea pigs - and they all shed their hair. Feel for you with the cats...

Yeah - dolphin thoughts, they'll definitely help :)

Dani said...

Quinn - We only have pollen here in Spring, and although we haven't had a proper Winter, Spring is still a few weeks off. Hmmm, you may have a point with the rubber broom... :)