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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mung bean update...

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Just a quick posting to show you what the mature Mung beans plants look like.
Knee high Mung bean plants
The Mung bean plant is seriously not a tall plant - at maximum these are knee high.
All the Mung bean pods are situated on the very
tip of each "branch"
And the pods form right at the tip of the branch - two or three pods per tip. Really weird for a bean - but I'm looking forward to harvesting them :)

And, as I couldn't resist opening one, here is what the inside looks like.
Inside a Mung bean
With it's "furry" lining, it is, to me, very reminiscent of a broad bean pod.  The taste?  Unadulterated sprout - much stonger, sort of cross between a pea and a bean.  And quite delicious.  And, like broad beans, quite a mission to extract from the pod.  Definitely worth it though.

It would appear that they even fooled the mice - for none of the pods have been touched...
The seedlings in one of my broad bean / pea beds - all
poking above the ground :)  There is even a "rogue"
tomato plant on the middle left of the pic which is still
My broad beans and peas are coming along nicely, and I've kept on top of the non-sprouting ones and replaced them with new seeds, so I should have a reasonable harvest this year.  Can't wait :)


JaneofVirginia said...

Mmmmmm. They look delicious !

Dani said...

Jane - They are :) But what I am even more tickled about is the thought of planting seeds which I normally would just purchase. I'm going to be saving on that in future... :)

Simple thing - and it would appear that the harvest is going to be enormous compared to the sowing. Guess I've been too wrapped up in the admonition that one can't eat planting seeds (which one purchases in a packet) that I didn't see the wood for the trees...

@maggiezlenz said...

Hi! This is Maggie Grey. Thanks for the welcome! I have been following your blog by email for quite some time. You are doing such a great job in creating awareness all round- loving all your posts!
Yes, I do have a blog as you can see by this comment. I started a photo journal in facebook on 1 Jan 2010 and in March 2011 decided to move it to my blog @maggiezlenz. I have managed to keep it going ever since. A second blog is linked to it - I acquired 2 Miniature Schnauzers towards the end of 2011... *happiness* need I say more?

Dani said...

Maggie - Thanks for wonderful compliments and for the links to your blogs. I've had a quick peek at you photo blog - you have some wonderful pics there - well done :)

Nope - nothing more needs to be said - know exactly where you're at :)