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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Yet another delay...

RMans' dad passed away in June last year and RMan has just received authorization from the Executors that he may take possession of his inheritance.  So, in place of ambling on to the farm after seeing MKid off at the airport this weekend, RMan will go upcountry for a few days to collect what his father left him.  It is easier for him to fly up there (together with MKid) and bring back the items than to try and organise for a courier company to collect - they won't package.  One of the items is an oil painting, and as it is over 160 years old, we would like to ensure that it arrives safely and in one piece.  So this weekend will be devoted to collecting, securely packaging and returning with said painting safely ensconced in the hold of (hopefully) the same aircraft - but one never knows...  Hopefully, this will also give RMan some closure on his loss.

Although time does heal, it never completely leaves one - I know, for my mother passed away when I was 16, and the ache remains.  There is so much I have never shared with her, and never can.

But next weekend (16 - 17th April) we will definitely be travelling up to the farm - come hell or high water.  It's been too long since we were last there and we're experiencing withdrawal syptoms.

So sad to say goodbye to MKid again - it will probably (and again hopefully) only be in December that we see him again.  Yes, we can, and do, Skype with him, but it's not quite the same - one can't Skype a hug... yet.  It always tears us apart to say goodbye, but at least this time he will not be crying at the airport, as he is led off by the designated air hostess.  This time he will be travelling with his grandad :-)  I reckon MKid is an amazingly brave little guy - here he is, only 7 years old, and he has no problem hopping onto a plane, on his own, so that he might visit with his Nana and Granda.   Bless him.

Red capsicum

Red, yellow and green peppers
waiting to be harvested
He has thoroughly delighted in picking the last of the corn off the stalks, the last of the tomatoes from the vine and the last of the green beans - and then wolfed them down with his dinner :-)  Surely no nicer thing in the world than for a child to see his dinner growing in the garden and then picking it!  Such a simple act, and one which is so easy to take for granted when it happens on a daily basis, but this memory is one which I know will last a long while in his mind.

We'll use this for Eggplant Parmigiana I think
He is also taking NGirl some peppers from the garden - red, yellow and green - as well as an aubergine or two:-)  He says that they won't be too heavy, and that he'd like to carry them himself - I mustn't put them in his suitcase.  I was very impressed how well the peppers grew in the pots - I'll definitely do that again next time.

He has been a brilliant help this past week - helping me to plant the last of my garlic (hope I'm not too late), onions, and peas.  Such little fingers putting holes into the soil and carefully covering up the bulbs / seeds.  He calls them "his vegetables".  And I have to send him progress photo's LOL

We had a friendly robin hop right next to us when we were busy preparing the soil and planting the bulbs - I told him that Roger Robin was looking for any worms which we had unearthed - that tickled his fancy!  He has been feeding the pigeons for me every morning, so now of course, he wants to find worms for the robin too...

Roger Robin certainly has a beady eye :-)
MKid also helped me save some marigold seeds, which he's taking to NGirl, so that she can plant some in her garden :-)  She will also be able to salvage and save some of the pepper and aubergine seeds - so another veggie garden is in the making.

I just love passing suchy earthy knowledge on, especially to such a willing and eager recipient :-)


Jane said...

Sorry your not going to be making it to your farm this weekend. It will make it all the more exciting when you get there the following weekend.

Dani said...

Jane - just have this overwhelming urge to be there... Peace, quiet, tranquility... and work to do LOL

tffnguy said...

Dani, glad you got to spend the time with MKid and he didn't have to return home alone. I sure miss spending time with the grandkids!

Got the Magic Seeder today. Thanks! I'll be putting it to good use soon.

Dani said...

tffnguy - S'funny - grandkids are the best thing in life LOL Thanks for letting me know you got your parcel :-)

Mr. H. said...

MKid is so very lucky to have you in his life to share this valuable knowledge, knowledge that he too will someday hopefully impart on future generations.

We received your most gracious gift of the seeder in the mail all the way from South Africa last night...thank you, thank you, thank you!:) I am looking forward to using it. Hope you are able to get back out to the property again soon.

Dani said...

Mr H - exactly - show / lead by example - greatest teacher of all time :-)

You're more than welcome - hope you find it as useful as I do - just follow the instructions, and it'll be a breeze!