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Thursday 13 January 2011

Farm visitors

We had some (unexpected) guests on our last visit to the farm.

We have seen some fallow deer in the fields surrounding us, and came across a baby one at night.  We have also had a large hare escort us home along the dirt road one evening - right to our gate - before he hared off in another direction.

And, whilst we were putting in the foundations (in Dec 2008 / Jan 2009), we came across a snake skin which had been shedded - which made us pause for thought...

Then last year RMan came face to face with a Cape Cobra - I don't know who got more of a fright - RMan or the snake.

However, this time the visitors were a little less harmful...

Firstly, on our return walk after viewing our neighbours wind turbine we came across this little feller...

A little field mouse taking advantage of our grey water reed bed

Scampering up the side of our (unfinished) reed bed

It would appear that this little feller has made his home in our new wood pile.

The we spotted some tortoises.

Naughty, naughty, naughty - is he hitching a ride...

I would hazard a guess that this is a male and female
with the male being the redder one

or is he making whoopee.....?

Whatever - these guests are welcome in the garden... anytime.


  1. We are lucky as we only have one type of deadly snake here and it is very rare. I can not imagine having to worry about a Cobra! But I bet no one is more worried than that field mouse :)

  2. Jane - LOL. Yup, guess the mouse won't be that happy. Actually, we aren't that enthralled either - for the field mouse may bring the cobra closer to the house than we want. Reckon we'll have to move the wood pile further away...

  3. Amazing what critters one can have roaming their property ..or is it the people roaming the critter's property ;) We have to watch out for moose, mt. lions, bear. Love it when the wild turkeys come visit (down the avenue) .. you can call out and they will answer .. 'gobble, gobble, gobble' ..

  4. Mrs Mac LOL gobble, gobble, quack quack, cluck, clluck - rather hear those than anytrhing else - including squeak, squeak.

  5. It is so much fun to find various critters around the place. Dan has found snake skins in our attic of all places. Then one day he and spotted a Virginia Opossum from our kitchen window. It was near the chicken yard, so we were a little concerned. By the time we got out there though, it was no where to be found. Disappearing 'possum?

  6. Leigh - dunno if I'd like to find a snake skin in my attic. Are 'possums dangerous - to human's?

  7. You have striped mice like us.

    Will you be adding wind turbines?

  8. Elephant's Eye - YES to a wind turbine LOL I am completely besotted with them!


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