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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas baking with the sun

I guess you all know me well enough by now to understand that if I’m presented with a solar cooking opportunity then I’m going to at least try it. Even though cloudy conditions were predicted for yesterday, there was enough sun peeping through to encourage me to attempt a baking session.

I didn’t bake a Christmas cake last year, because I still had one left over from the marathon baking session I had at the end of 2008.

And, yes, I know it’s late in the year to be baking my Christmas cake, but what the heck – it would still have 3 odd weeks to mature. And adding double the brandy – that’s sure to help the maturing! So – baking a solar Christmas cake was on the “to do” list yesterday.

RMan making his Christmas wish :-)

I used a fruit cake recipe (which will be in my “book”) and it turned out perfectly.

I managed to fit 1 X round cake and 2 X “loaves” in
the oven at the same time – one for us, one for NGirl
and a spare one for a gift.

The end result – a delicious smelling, (and tasting - the scraps from the pan which I devoured were very yummy!) moist and perfect looking fruit cake – I’m a very happy little puppy :-)


Jane said...

Looks very good. I can't wait to see that book.

Dani said...

Jane - it's a work in progress. I have my recipes scattered everywhere and am collating them all in their respective sections.

It should be ready early in the new year. I will do a posting when it is :-)

ezrablu said...

oooh...looks wonderful! I haven't been online much lately and had to hit your blog up first to see what you've been up to :o)))

Leigh said...

Mmm. Looks yummy. I've not tried solar baking yet. You make it look so easy though.