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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Warning: Soap box moment...

There are finally results of an investigation into the effects on Mother Earth of the wilful fracking that is taking place all over this beautiful planet.
There is absolutely nothing beautiful about this
scene - nothing!
This is the link...

If you have the opportunity, please - sign each and every petition against fracking that there you can find on line.  It is not only the harm that the oil companies are doing to the earth's mantle - it is also the poisoning of the ground water which is going to hectically impact our futures, our children's futures, and our children's childrens' futures...

No water, no life!

Never mind fracking - once they earnestly start harvesting the frozen methane from the ocean bed, this planet could be in even more trouble.  Any methane "accident" that occurs will add 25 times more greenhouse gas to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide does.  It is time that we all stop being sheep, blindly following the leader, and voice our objections.

No-one is too insignificant, nor too great, not to sign a petition against this heinous activity.  Everyone, working together, can make a difference.  You only have to care enough to make a difference.  I recently added my name to another petition, and the result of over 20 000 people caring enough, meant that whale meat aboard a ship would not be allowed to find a berth at a port in this country.  I don't sign each and every petition - only those which I feel 100% against.

Even Mr Nelson Mandela signed a petition.

Let your voice be added to the voices of others - care enough to stand up and be counted.


  1. Isn't that an awful sight! We recently had a scare that they might start in our area and I was the LONE VOICE OF DISSENT in a sea of folks who could see no further than a CHECK. It was awful. I could not reason with anyone here. They can't see beyond the immediate financial gain. I was the one considered the "bad guy" ---denying them JOBS--oh, they love to throw that word around.
    Luckily, further testing made them decide there wasn't enough to bother with--for now. Huge sigh of relief on my part, but I know it's just a matter of time. Thanks for the link!

    1. Sue - You go girl!!! Each and every "single" voice adds up long term. Thank you for caring :)

  2. Go girl! 'No one is too insignificant or too great' too true!!

    1. Linda - It just a case of trying to get one more person to show they care. And if that means I do a blog posting every now and then, which adds anothe single voice, then so be it :)

  3. fracking is a hideous problem here. I worked for an oil and gas company for 20 years, and in the last three or four of those years it became more and more evident to everybody that it was a harmful and destructive practice. The man who owned our company was a typical oil/gas capitalist. He didn't care at all if methane came out of peoples water taps, or livestock died, or the grass all died off, or even if there were earthquakes because of it. All he cared about was cash. His favorite saying was "earth first, we can exploit the other planets later." He saw it on some bumper sticker and always worked it into meetings. There were other sources of friction between us, but the fracking thing blew up at a meeting in front of other people. Shortly thereafter I was "retired", given a nice big retirement ( to make sure I kept my mouth shut) and shoved out the door. You hit the nail on the head with this post, fracking is evil and insidious and an absolute outrage.

    1. Harry - Good on you - though I'm sorry you lost your position.

      I reckon that "Mr Earth first, then we can exploit other planets later" should be firmly, and permanently kicked in the butt!!! That is unfortunately at the root of ALL our problems, world-wide - GREED :(

  4. This is a coincidence. A discussion was started this morning on Facebook about an 'oldish' report in the Daily Maverick about fracking in the karoo.

    This is truly scary stuff and I hope our government will see the disaster awaiting the karoo and listen to the dissenters - I won't be holding my breath - but I will fight them on this.

    This is an interesting article and discussion I read the other day:

    1. Rosemary - If we go by historical government response, then greed will supercede all else.

      Thanks for the link - I can only hope that it is true...

    2. I did find that 'never happen' article encouraging. So sad to talk about fracking the Karoo. When we were there last the dam in Beaufort West was EMPTY. Remember? How they were appealing to passing motorists to bring bottled water? That Karoo!
      The whale meat is one round won.

    3. Diana - I HOPE the article is based on fact. One never knows how greed will affect any outcome... Yes, I remember when Beaufort West ran out of water, but will the "authorities" have the clarity of recall?

  5. I'm not claiming to know all the answers, but I do like to hear both sides of an argument. Anyone ever investigated or heard of these guys before?


    1. Josh - Welcome - and thanks for taking thetime to leave a comment. I've heard of the fracknation video but have never seen it.

      But, to quote from their website: "The process of fracking (which is separate from drilling) is noisy and looks messy - for a few days. Then the land is reclaimed and the industry moves on to the next area." I dunno - in the pic above, where the heavy machinery "has moved on" the scars on the earth remain. And those scars have to be rich in contaminents?!?

      Personally, I'd prefer that fracking does not take place - for the risk to our underground water supply is NOT worth it. Nevermind the loss of biodiversity, historical archaeological wealth or pure beauty of the landscape.

      How much more does man need to grab from the surface of this planet before his greed is satisfied? We were endowed with brains, I reckon we should use those to find alternative methods of powering / heating which do not involve doing any more damage to our fragile planet.

    2. I haven't seen the video either, but from what I gather, their claim is that fracking doesn't harm ground water. I don't know if that is true, so I thought I would pose the question and see if anyone had any hard evidence or knew of where the answer could be found.

      I agree with you that it's sad to see the earth marred from our activity. But, I don't know if it's possible to "power" this planet without harvesting some of it's natural resources. I gotta believe that there is a balance somewhere as to finding/harvesting the resources although I'm sure we have overstepped the line as to what is reasonable.

      I think technology should bring new advances that allow us to use resources more "responsibly" (e.g. less marring, polluting etc) and so I have hope that technologies like fracking will bring those advances that allow harvesting without the footprint so to speak. Unfortunately, it seems that there are quite a few agenda's that get in the way of progress though. Hardest part is sorting through all of the agenda's and getting to the truth.

      With that being said, the jury is still out for me.

      Keep the posts coming. Love learning about new things. Thanks.


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