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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hidden gems... in winter?

Squishing round the garden in my Wayne's Wellies to see the damage that the recent inclement weather had wreaked on my veggies, I was in for a surprise.

Bearing in mind that we are in mid-winter...

...I spied something odd...
Can you see what I saw...?
Can you see it in the picture above?

Hidden beneath my broad beans was one partially eaten, one green and two red capsicum :)
Capsicum - in winter...?
The plant had been protected from the weather by the broad beans in front.  I had left the capsicum plant in situ as it had a couple of fruit which were produced at the end of the season.  "Nothing lost, nothing gained" I figured at the time...

Then, in my hunt for peas for RMan (he eats them like peanuts :) and any veg that I can get in him, I reckon, is a win), I found something I wasn't looking for.  For the capsicum wasn't all that was lurking in the undergrowth...
Strawberries - they are only due to appear in
a couple of months time

Forest gardening has unexpected rewards.  My other strawberries, which are in the open, are a tad frost damaged.  Now I know what to do to protect them next autumn / winter.

And, I had, in order to "feed" the beans and peas, and hopefully also deter slugs, sprinkled wood ash from the Dover stove beneath the beans and peas, only realizing afterwards that the strawberries might suffer.  Looks like I unwittingly did them some good...!

I am so excited about the lessons I am going to be taught by my large veggie garden, for there is nothing better than first hand experience to  "clock" something into the grey matter residing above my shoulders.  One can read, and read, but getting first hand experience - nothing better :)


  1. Love the unexpected...both good and bad. Although the good is more fun:)

    1. tami - Yeah - the good certainly doesn't ever go amiss :)

  2. Looks like you have found a way to create a little microclimate for some of your veggies.:)

    1. Mr H - And I love it LOL Wonder how I'm going to help the more delicate plants in the heat of summer...


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