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Saturday, 5 October 2013

A paddock in the making - part 3

RMan outdid himself.  Not only did he create two wonderful paddocks - basically out of unwanted scraps of wood, but he also conceived, and constructed the following three very necessary items...
The first gate in the making
... three excellent gates...
A feeding trough - or shoud that be called a manger?
A feeding trough... or should that be a (1.2mtr high) manger...?  (Trough 2 is still in production).

RMan made two excellent stables - one in each
paddock.  Why two...?
And two stables with stable doors :)

He's been hiding himself under a bushel these past 33 years - I never knew about his exceent woodworking side...

Our daughter, Natasha, S-i-L Wayne and Mike, our grandson, were also impressed.  So much so that they had to try it out - to see if their three canine famiy members could gain access.  So, one evening they schepped their pregnant mama goat, and two 5-week-old male kids round to try it out for sze.
The extended family en route

Allow me to introduce them all...
From left to right:
Mama Goat (Dolly), Natasha, the two male kids,
Wayne and Mike
On the dam wall:
Muffin and Gambi
and hurting towards me, Mandy :)

Did the dogs manage to get in to the goats in the paddock?

Nope :)

Thank you for your patience - but I had to capture all the effort that went into preparing for the future inhabitants.

All will be revealed in my next posting.  The final teaser I can give you is that they are very eco-friendly animals...


  1. Dani, if you are talking about goats, you are preaching to the choir! :)

  2. Forgot to say, great job on the fencing, gates, and shelters!! Wish I had the same thing here. Or someone to build them! Nice work :)

    1. Thanks Quinn - yeah, we're very pleased with the result :)

  3. Wow, that is beautiful and nicely done. Would love to have something like that on our farm. It's in our 'someday' plans. Chickens before anything bigger and we're slowly working on that. I can't WAIT to see what the new occupants are!! I'm excited!!!

    1. 1st Man - Thanks. Heck of a lot of work, but worth it in the end... :)

  4. Dani, you have a man you can be really proud of. Please send him towards George when you can spare him as I have a few projects that he can assist with.

    1. Rainy December - Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment.

      RMan is still recovering - can he take a rain check? :)

  5. My word, that is some project! Looks like a proper ranch out there now. And Rman is a proper woodworker, that's for sure. Funny, isn't it. Just when you think you know someone they pull out a surprise. Sure keeps things interesting, no? Good job Rman! :-D

  6. Kris - Yup - 33 years down the line and he can still surprise me... LOL

  7. You have one very talented RMan!
    Love from Mum

    1. Mum - Thanks - yeah, I reckon after 33 years he's a keeper... :)

  8. You had me going there. DIdn't you tell me awhile back that RMan doesn't want goats? Any chance this min-herd will change his mind. (Think milk! Cream! Butter! Cheese! Yogurt! Kefir! Ice cream!) LOL. I think you've got us all very intrigued.

    1. Leigh - Our daughter, Natasha, over the field from us has just acquired some goats.

      And RMan definitely doesn't want any. The only goat product he likes is feta cheese. Me, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for goats - I was allergic to cows milk as a baby (before baby formula LOL) and the only milk I could get down was goats milk. I still love the taste of it - but it is rare to find it for sale here.

      So, no - it's not goats... ;)


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