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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hairy, but not scary...

... I think - LOL (who am I kidding?)

I always giggle when RMan shows his feminine side, especially when that means he rushes round like a chicken with no head.

I know exactly what it means when he does so - well, he does give me extra clues, such as "Oh, no, not another one..." and "Oh, Dani, we've got another rain visitor.  What can I use to trap it?"  S'funny he always asks me exactly the same question, and always gets handed exactly the same things...

...a container and one of my thin flexible chopping mats.

That reaction can only mean one thing.

This is what RMan came across the other night
when he went into the bedroom to get a jersey -
shown here to give you an indication of it's size -
that is RMan's track suit top below on the
clothes valet.
They are about the size of the palm of my hand.  And hairy-ish.

And they seem to prefer making their presence known once it is dark outside.

Thankfully, this one decided to take a rest break on a background which made it clearly visible.  They're not always that thoughtful.
 Palystes - looks nasty doesn't it
RMan quickly and carefully traps the spider beneath the container, and then slowly and carefully slides the flexible chopping mat beneath.
Caught in the glare of my flash - the Palystes
in all it's glory

Holding that "parcel" carefully, and well away from his body, and with me being an excellent helper (who has given directions from a safe distance) and who opens the outside door for him well before it is required, he toddles outside, and, bracing himself, hurls everything - the spider, container and flexible mat as far as he can, before scampering inside again.

Naturally, the container and mat are only retrieved the following day when we can see that there is nothing clinging to the inside...

No, the bite of the rain / huntsman spider is not deadly, but it can cause a reaction in some, so better safe than sorry :)


  1. loool that's so not a feminine side...that is treally really brave :D With something like that in my house I would scream, shut the door, and run out of the house till somebody gets this nasty thing 50 miles from the house :D :D

    1. Leanan - That is more or less my reaction LOL

  2. I appreciate spiders in theory but do not enjoy them in close proximity. I have tried to work out an agreement whereby I will not bother them outdoors, if they do not come into the house. Unfortunately, the spiders have not signed this treaty...

    1. Quinn - sort of "leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone" LOL

      Yeah, I'd they'd only stay where they belong...

  3. YIKES! The think just got bigger and bigger as the pictures went on, LOL! Nice that y'all put it outside. I do that with all spiders I find inside, coworkers and friends think it's odd but I do catch them if I can and release them outside. Though the size of that one IS intimidating.

    1. 1st Man - If we can avoid hurting / killing anything, we will.

      Yeah, the rain spider is big, and that, I reckon, adds to it's intimidation factor...;)

  4. You're braver than I am. Although I'd throw it outside too, if I could. The alternative would leave a very large area that needed cleaned. Ick.

    1. Kris - I'm not brave - RMan is LOL

  5. Huntsman spiders here in Western Australia attack!!. by jumping from high places and landing so close to you that you jump back and crash into the wall. Husband says I slammed the door so hard I knocked it from it's perch but I, and others too, we know different.
    I don't like them but one daughter picks them up in her hand!! and takes them outside. Pity she is not always around...


    1. Barb - I'm THRILLED to pieces that I don't live in Aussie LOL

      Yeah, DD is braver than I am, too - but I don;t think I ever seen her pick one up...

  6. Our Huntsmen look quite skinny compared to your solid bodied fellow. Their legs are longer in comparison to their bodies too so they look a bit like "greyhound" versions. They also run and jump like greyhounds so any handling of them needs to be done slowly and calmly as they can jump a foot in the air if surprised suddenly. I usually encourage them onto the end of the soft broom, take them outside and tap the broomstick on the fence till they drop into the long grass/bushes over the paddock fence.

    1. Robyn - I'm NOT into jumping spiders - not at all - not even with a broom between me and them LOL


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