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Thursday, 13 September 2012

A romantic touch

Scallywag has taken some time to adjust being a farm dog, and as such needs to be "walked" in order to fulfill nature's call and so a couple of evenings ago  RMan took Scallywag for his evening constitutional.

Obviously, one cannot constantly stare at the animal constantly waiting for some action - one has to "pretend" to be  doing something else.  And something else, in RMan's case, was looking at the thousands of teeny, tiny wildflowers which have suddenly peeked their heads above ground.
After the winter rains, thousands of these
little flowers dot the ground
What happened in RMan's head as he was looking at the flowers?

He had a romantic moment and picked a bunch for me :)
My bunch of flowers, lovingly, and carefully,
picked by RMan
As I was admiring the flowers, Rman said to me, "I think there is a female flower in that bunch".


"Turn them over", he said.
Male and females?
Can you see the second flower from the left - underneath, the petals are slightly pink, compared to the plain white of the "rest of the bunch".

Unfortunately, I didn't have a vase small enough, so I had to make a plan.  I left them in the hollow of a rock which I filled with a little water.

Perhaps the farm fairies will find them...?


  1. Dani - those are beautiful flowers! i love tiny, little flowers, too, and we have them all over the yard this year - so pretty! anyway, just wanted to say that it has been my experience that leaving offerings to the faeries is good karma all around. and faeries love bouquets!

    that was really sweet of Rman! your friend,

    1. kymber - I prefer flowers to remain in the ground, and where they can thus share their beauty with all who can see them - including any fairies ;) But, picking a bunch of little teeny, tiny ones - that's fine :)

      Yeah, who knew that RMan could still surprise me? LOL

  2. How romantic. But now the amateur botanist in me is frustrated as I am unable to identify them.

    1. Garden Girl - Yeah - also don't know the name. But there are zillions of these small daisy-like flowers.

  3. Rman is a man to keep - how sweet.
    Love from Mum

    1. MUm - He's been mine for almost 33 years - and he's improving with age LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Jane - He has his moments - and very welcome they are too :)

  5. That Rman is quite a romantic. Nice flowers Dani.

    1. FCH - He is - now and then... Pity about the lack of vase :)

  6. little pink one, may be freshly opened, still a baby, too young to leave mum ;~)

    1. Diana - LOL - now that's a nice thought :)


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