Monday, 28 March 2011

Magic Seeder winner

RMan picked one of the 5 replies I had to the giveaway, and the winner is:

Magic Seeder winner

Congratulations Jane!

Please could you drop me an e-mail with your address (dani at ecofootprint dot co dot za), so that I can get the parcel off to you.

Actually - I hate disappointing anyone, so Mr H, tffnguy, RobynK and Mad Dogs and Englishmen, please let me have your addresses too - I'm feeling generous :-) 

I think you are all in the throes of spring, so an ideal time to have a gadget to help you plants those seeds.  And if you can't use it yourselves, perhaps one of your friends could use it?

Paying it forward with a difference...

Update:  Your Magic Seeders were posted off today (30/03/2011) - via airmail.  They should be there within 2 weeks.  RobynK - still no address for you... :-)


  1. Well, my goodness! What a great surprise! How very nice of you Dani. I have never used one of these and but you made it look so easy. I will send you an email. Thanks again.

  2. Congrats Jane! Hey tffnguy get to work on your green house!

  3. Lucky Jane! Congrats and yes...very nice of you, Dani!


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