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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Following and commenting on blogs...

If anyone is missing my visiting / commenting on their blog, it's not that I'm not interested - it's not my fault.


Well, I discovered the weirdest thing the other night.
Mum's blog is clearly
visible on my smartphone
My PC and laptop Blogger dashboard is not the same as the one that appears on my smartphone.  I was reading the prelude of blogs on my smartphone the other night whilst RMan was involved with his sport on TV and I noticed that Mum had done a blog posting.

I tend to use my smartphone to check / comment on blogs only occasionally - preferring the normal keyboard of the laptop to navigate my way round the blogosphere, and to post my comments.  (Why do they make smartphone keyboards so dang miniscule?  They're more suited to a three-year-olds fingers than mine lol)
Mum's blog doesn't show up on the dashboard
on my laptop
But that blog posting is not appearing on the dashboard of my pc or laptop...!?!

How many blogs / blog posts have I missed because of this??  I thought that the blogs I am trying to follow were very quiet.  I thought they had all stopped / grown tired of blogging.  That thought saddened me.

Now I think I know the reason...

Mum - just so you know.  I have deleted my following of your blog and have then added your blog to my reading list again.

For those who don't know how to do that, it is as follows.  Go to the blog you are following / want to follow and find their followers gadget:

If anyone knows that I follow your blog, and you would like to go through my blog list on my profile and check if your blog is there I'd appreciate it.  Please let me know if your blog doesn't appear...

Is this happening with anyone else's dashboard??


  1. I keep wondering why my followers' list keeps bouncing up and down. Nice to know that you are there somewhere. Hi!

  2. you are way ahead of me with technology Dani! but I can always guess when you are commenting from your phone ;)

    1. Quinn - Necessity is the mother of keeping abreast of technology. Being stuck out in the countryside means I don't have my son or son-in-law on hand to assist, so I have to get my head round whatever I can.

      How can you tell when I comment from my phone - brief reply or the numerous typos??? LOL

  3. Wow, thank you for this info.

    I've been wondering how to get 'dead' blogs off my list.


    1. Lorraine - Glad to have been of assistance :)

  4. I only have the one desktop computer but I'm sure this would happen to me as well, LOL. Fancy techno-phones are way above my head.

    1. Leigh - PC is for business, laptop is for business banking and checking if I need to switch on the PC for business / and is also for my pleasure. I had to get my head round the phone - it uses less power than the PC or laptop and allows me to "stay connected" and tells me if I have to switch on the PC or laptop ;)

      Bwahahaha - sounds complicated, I know, but it works for me lol

  5. Guess we can't complain whilst Blogger and it's tools are still completely free :}

    Since the demise of G/Reader I have used Feedly to keep track of the (rather too many to admit to) blogs I follow. It means I can categorise and if for whatever reason, I don't catch a new post immediately then Feedly holds it as unread until I get to it.

    1. Jayne - yeah, I know. I can also read blogs through Bloglovin, but I don't know my way round it so well, and trying to comment via Bloglovin irritates me with it's confusion. Haven't checked out Feedly... Yet... LOL

    2. I never try to comment through Feedly. If I want to leave a comment I click on the post title (in Feedly) and it takes me directly to the blog, WITHOUT being in the irritating frame that Bloglovin' insists on using. I know they are trying to "keep" their visitors but it's a pain in the ****

    3. Jayne - Ain't it just...


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