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Monday, 10 October 2011

Reckon it works :)

You gotta love this!?  On our way to the strawberry farm, I spotted this windmill, in the middle of a field.  Off the cuff - I reckon this works perfectly LOL
A perfect example of how an old reliable system, which, if used / sited correctly, is more than sufficient for use today.

Who needs a power / petrol guzzling modern electric pump?

Now, where can I find a cheap windmill like this for the borehole we hope to install shortly...


  1. Very funny! I want one too.

  2. A few years ago they removed this windmill as it was no longer functional after they built the dam around it. People were up in arms that this landmark had been removed and so the crowd-pleasing farmer put it back!

  3. Hate to say it, but over here in the states you can pick up those water pumping windmills everywhere. People use them for.., gasp... Decoration! You really need to make a shopping trip over here and load up on all your goodies for the farm:)

  4. That field looks more like a lake...hope the electric line is well insulated.:) But yes, just imagine if every house had it's own windmill to power electricity...some day.

    Those strawberries you picked look amazing..how fun. It was really interesting to see the picture of how they grow them.

  5. Linda - Tell me if you find one :)

    Mad Dog - Hmm, didn't know that Thanks for the info.

    Jane - Methinks you could be right. Oh, to be able to do that...

    Mr H - It's not an power producing windmill, it's for pumping water out of the ground. Guess it did more than it's job LOL How do you grow your strawberries?

  6. Been to the Loeriesfontein windmill museum?

    I would think you could find second hand windmills. They are being steadily replaced by solar panels.

  7. Diana - You can find second hand windmills - they're about R40 000.000 :(

  8. Dani that is funny and made us laugh. That must have been such an amusing sight to see. I like your blog caption on that. Check the farmers weekly, I am sure you can get new windmills for about R30 000 so 2nd hand should be cheaper.

  9. African Dream - T'was hysterical :) Hmmm, R30 000 - more than can afford, and I get the Farmers Weekly, weekly, and have spotted one yet. But I live in hope...

  10. Lovely blog , greeting from Belgium

  11. retriever - Welcome :) and thanks for the compliment


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