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Friday, 9 September 2011

Soap part 2

The Rugby World Cup has started, so RMan will be kept busy for the next 39-odd days.  That means I can blog to my hearts content LOL

I had always been frightened of using caustic soda, so I first took the soap making plunge only in March this year.  Since then I have made two further batches - we seem to be whizzing our way through the stock...

But I wasn't happy with just making blocks of soap, so I searched on-line for silicone molds and came across a company in South Africa which had just what I needed :)

So, with my stock running low, I made my third batch on Wednesday using those molds.
Fill the molds with your mixture - to just on the rim
What a pleasure they are to use.  And so simple.  All you do is pour the soap mixture into the mold, let it sit for 12 - 18 hours and then de-mold.

How? Just peel the silicone mold back...
Just peel the mold away from the hardening bar of soap
... and place your soap on the rack to cure for 3 weeks.
3rd batch of soap - using silicone molds
I bought three different shaped molds and love them all.  They look like they will give a better bar than my hodge-podge slicing of a rectangle of soap.
1st batch of soap
Don't get me wrong - I still love the squares of soap - but variety is the spice of life :)

And I can use the silicone molds in baking too!


  1. As I keep saying, I must make some soap! Yours looks great Dani...

    I will have a look tomorrow for some silicon molds. Hubby made me some out of PVC pipe, but I have heard it is hard to get out.

  2. Soap making is fun. Once you get on to it you can't believe you ever bought it!

  3. Tania - Take the plunge - you won't regret it :) You can use PVC pipe, but then you must line it with plastic wrap / dustbin bag, otherwise you won't get it loose from the mold.

    Jane - I agree - but if only I could reduce the costs - it is more expensive to make than shop bought. But DOES contain less chemicals LOL

  4. Do you use tallow? Or what is the main ingredient?

  5. Small plastic tubs from single-serving foods make great soap molds. Yogurt is first to come to mind, but also the single-serve fruits and applesauce that are usually sold in 6-packs. It works great for school groups to offer students a gelatin or pudding cup while you explain the process, then allow them to make a soap to take home in their cup. These more-or-less round soaps are great for putting in the toe of a very thin sock or panty-hose leg to hang by a deep sink or an outdoor wash basin. The soap dries without need of a soap dish, the fabric serves as a mild scrubber, and the soap is always easy to find.

  6. Diana - The main ingredient is coconut oil. I have a recipe for tallow soap, but haven't tried it yet.

    JustMe - The only problem with using rigid containers like yoghurt tubs is removing the soap afterwards - they don't give enough. They probably would work, but they would have to be removed by cutting them away.

    I have heard about using "lonely socks" to hold soap for use after garden work - haven't tried it yet though :)

  7. It is great to see your new molds. I am addicted to making soap and it has been hard not to make any all summer. I find with our heat and humidity that I get a harder bar when I make and cure it in the winter. I make rectangular bars (no spice here - ha). I too have yet to use tallow. I have heard it can help make a harder bar that will last longer. Have fun with it.Emily

  8. Emily - I have never made soap in summer - guess I'll find out this year LOL

    What do you use to make your bar harder?

  9. Those are nice moulds, can you share where you get them? Thanks!

    1. Golden Horde - Welcome. I purchased them directly from wizbake.co.za :)

  10. hi guys, does anyone know where we can get custom soap molds made?

    1. VP - Sorry - apart from a local carpenter, the only soap molds I know are from Wizbake.


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