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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

All sorted

Following Blogger's hiccup last week, I discovered that quite a few of the photo's on my blog postings were missing.
So I have just spent the past hour, finding out which posts were incomplete, and which photo's needed re-inserting...

Nothing worse than hitting a blog page, and all you see is a big white, empty square with a little red cross in it.

If anyone finds a posting on my blog with that - pleeeease let me know :-)

Thank you.

Post script: I am unable to comment on anyone's blog.  I keep getting the message that I am not logged in, and even if I (re)log in, I am still only able to try and comment as "Anonymous".  But even that isn't accepted by Blogger - keeps booting me to the sign in page...


P.P.S. 9.08 p.m. LOL  Ain't the title of this posting hysterical - can't even comment on my own blog..............


  1. Yep Dani, that was a bummer!

  2. Darn...well I guess if my pictures start disappearing I will know whose brain to pick regarding how to fix the issue. Hope you are able to get the rest of the blogger bugs worked out soon.

  3. no fun at all. I hope you can get things sorted out soon. Emily

  4. I'm having the same issue re: logging in from IE on my netbook. I have to load Safari on there like my laptop. The issues with Blogger are tempting me to move my blog to Wordpress.

  5. Dani what browser do you use? I use Google Chrome and haven't had any of these commenting issues myself. Seems to be an Internet Explorer problem this time around.

    Disappearing photos is a new trick I haven't fallen over on anyone else's blog yet.

  6. Hi Guys - I'm going to try and reply to your comments via my Name / URL as opposed to my Google account.

    Thanks for all your comments. Mr H - I had to go through each posting and find the missing photo's and re-install them - tedious work...!

    Jicky - LOL Everyone has a bad day - I'm going to give Blogger a chance to fix the problem...

    Elephant's Eye - I'm using IE 8

  7. Dani,
    I'm using Google Chrome at work because my IE won't be nice to Blogger. At home, I'm using IE with no problems. I wrote a long, heartfelt, BRILLIANT (LOL, not really) comment on your fracking / fracing post, and I couldn't get it to post. Sorry you are having problems. Frustrating! Take care.


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