Saturday, 19 February 2011

Free from the Sun

Having been on the farm for three days of the past week, my solar cooking has been limited to the following:

A perfect Lentil Loaf which I served with Solar Rice and a portion of my Solar Tomato Sauce....

Solar baked Lentil Loaf
...two batches of 3 loaves of the most delicious Ultimate Solar Bread... (only two from the first batch lasted long enough to be photographed)

Ultimate Solar Bread
...potatoes - for mash...

... ostrich bangers to go with the mash...

... a large bowl of Solar Baked Beans...

... Quiche Lorraine with a fresh garden salad...

...and tomorrow I plan on cooking a whole Honeyed Chicken with Scalloped Potatoes - and team that up again with a fresh salad straight from the garden.

I would prefer to have some sort of refrigeration on the farm - then whatever we have as leftovers can be stored safely.  As we do not have a freezer there yet, I am hesitant to schlep along my solar oven - it is quite bulky, and I need the boot space for, amongst other things, all my little lemon trees grown from seed LOL - anyway we tend to barbecue most of our meals there at the moment. 

On our trip last weekend I took a small solar baked fruit cake for one of our farm neighbours.

Solar baked Fruit Cake
Oh, and before I forget, I have not managed to embed a pdf link on the side panel of my home page, so I have created a page "Intorduction to Solar Cooking" which contains a link to the pdf. 


  1. Everything looks great, as usual Dani!

  2. Delicious, creative, beautiful... heaven!

  3. Jane and Ginger - thanks - your compliments are such encouragement :-)

  4. What incredible food. The ostrich bangers and lentil loaf really sound interesting. I love what you have done with the PDF, do you mind if I add a link to it under the "Make Your Own" section on my blogs sidebar?

  5. Mr H - sounds boring, but they really were delicious.

    I'd be honoured if you'd add a link on your blogs' sidebar. Thank you.

  6. Dani, thank you! You may not think you're a solar cooking expert, but gosh, you've been able to get a whole lot farther than the rest of us. Did I tell you that I found a solar cooker to make from some previous links you provided? It'll need to be summer cooking, but definitely doable for some experimentation.

    Like Mr. H, I'm going to add a link on my blog sidebar. Can't decide if it should go under food or homesteading. :o

  7. Leigh - would love to see your solar cooker when it's ready. Only tips I can give you for that is to ensure that the internal walls are insulated and that the glass (for the lid) is preferably double glazed, but certainly toughened safety glass - won't be cheap, but for safety sake more than worth it.


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